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5 questions you need to ask before opening a juice franchise

Juice It Up! is a great franchise for new and experienced entrepreneurs alike. These questions will help you decide whether it’s right for you.

A woman in a Juice It Up!-branded T-shirt, apron and hat prepares a large cup of green juice from a juicer. A pallet of wheatgrass is growing nearby.
Before you open your own juice bar, you need to make sure you’re asking all the right questions.

Why do I want to open a juice bar franchise?
First and foremost, you have to have passion. Passion about living a healthy lifestyle. Passion about sharing that lifestyle with others. Passion about owning a healthy food franchise. Our franchise owners come from all walks of life and all ranges of experience, but the one thing they share is passion for the business they’re in. You don’t personally have to be some pinnacle of perfect health, but understanding why Juice It Up! is important to our customers really is key to being a successful franchise owner.

How much will it cost?
Of course, we hinted at this question above because it really is so obvious. You can’t start a juice bar without knowing what kind of juice bar starting costs you should expect. According to our latest Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), your estimated startup costs for a Juice It Up! franchise will fall between $216,400 and $378,300, depending on the type of location you choose. As for the flip side of that question – how much can you make – we can’t make any guarantees, but qualified candidates will have access to a detailed financial picture, including a look at past financial performance reported by our franchisees.

How stable is this business?
The juice and smoothie industry is booming. The current worldwide revenues of about $9 billion are projected to increase approximately 7% by 2020, according to research firm Technavio. People are increasingly conscious about eating more healthfully, but they don’t want to lose the convenience and portability they’ve grown accustomed to. Juices and smoothies are a great alternative to fast food and pre-packaged food, serving as viable meal replacements and also as healthy between-meal snacks. Technavio estimates that a predicted rise in preventive eating habits will continue to fuel the growth of the juice bar industry.

A green juice in a Juice It Up!-branded cup with a straw is in the foreground, while out-of-focus fruits, an apple and lemon on the left and a pineapple on the right, are in the background.
Are you passionate about juicing? You might be equally passionate about owning a juice business, where you can share your passion for healthy living with others.

What kind of experience do I need?
Restaurant experience is great – but it’s not required. Entrepreneurship experience is even better – but again, it’s not mandatory. Every new franchisee will receive 36 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of on-the-job training, just to start with. Retail experience is also helpful, as is any position where leadership skills are required, such as a stint in the military or time spent as a manager in a corporate setting. Juice It Up! franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experience. If you want to know the most common characteristic they share, see question No. 1.

What kind of support can I expect?
One of the key advantages of joining a franchise system like Juice It Up! is reaping the benefits of others’ experience. Our mutual success depends on a strong, two-way relationship, so at Juice It Up! we make sure to provide you with as much support as you need. We provide Orientation, an Initial Training Program and On-the-Job training, which is unparalleled in the industry. Our Research & Development department devises our delicious recipes and makes sure our products are nutritionally balanced; our Marketing team helps you capitalize on our brand recognition and loyal fan base; franchising experts will help you grow and reach your business goals. We are dedicated to being accessible to our franchise owners throughout your partnership with us.

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We hope these questions have helped you on your way to starting your own juice bar. To discover more about what Juice It Up! has to offer, please fill out the form on this page. We’ll send you a password for our proprietary Juice It Up! Franchise Information Center, where you can review financial information, including average earnings for our franchisees and in-depth data about startup costs; read Q&As with longtime franchisees; review tutorials for first-time franchise buyers; and more. Meanwhile, we invite you to continue exploring our detailed research pages.