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How JIU helps you add an additional revenue stream with catering

Teaching healthy lifestyles and forming bonds with a customer base early on is a benefit to the community and to our juicing franchise owners

A bulletin board topped by the word “Community” in a wooden frame is covered with photographs of people at events sponsored by Juice It Up!
We are part of the communities we’re located in, and sharing the joys of healthier lifestyles is a part of the Juice It Up! mission. One of the ways we do that is through catering, which offers franchisees an additional revenue stream.

There’s a heightened awareness today of the role that healthy eating plays in long-term wellness, and people are consuming more fruit and vegetable juices than ever. Our juicing franchise offers an incredible array of raw fruit and vegetable on-the-go choices as we rise to meet the demand of consumers choosing healthier options to support an active lifestyle.

At Juice It Up!, we don’t just wait for those customers to come to us, however. Our franchise owners are passionate about spreading the word on healthier lifestyles. Our advertising and marketing plans are designed to connect and engage with the community, drive awareness and build revenue. One way we do that is through catering.

“There is a big opportunity with outside catering, specifically school catering,” says Marcus Skinner, Director of Operations.

In California, where most of our franchises are located, our healthy beverage options meet the standards set in 2005 by California State Senate Bill 965 which bans soft drinks from high schools and instead requires them to sell healthier beverages, such as milk, juice and water.

How catering is part of our mission

Local store marketing is crucial to build sales and create excitement around the Juice It Up! brand. One of the ways our juicing franchise owners spread the word is through community events such as catering.

We are deeply involved within our communities, schools, education programs and other events that support our mission for healthy choices. Through our participation within these environments, we are able to promote healthy living and help our customers discover the benefits of our delicious juice blends.

Juice It Up! believes that our products can help make an impact on those who suffer from disease, the growing epidemic of unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. Studies have shown that all-natural ingredients and diets structured through natural and raw juices can tremendously enhance health. We recognize our responsibility to help make a change in people’s lives by providing healthy options to encourage healthful, active lifestyles.

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