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Juice It Up! stands out from other juice ventures

Our marketing team has the tricks, tools and strategies to help franchise owners attract more guests and increase revenues

Like juicing itself, marketing is a mix of science and art. The strategy that brings in the customers in an area where your juice and smoothie franchise is known and loved may need some adjustments in a place where no one knows your name. The tactics that appeal to an educated consumer looking for healthy options in one area may fall flat in a region where people are just starting to learn about the joys of juicing.

As a national brand, we understand the unique challenges faced by every type of location, and our marketing pros have the tools to help our franchise partners navigate whatever stands between them and higher guest counts, increased ticket prices and better revenues.

The front of Juice It Up’s Grand Opening brochure is pictured. It reads: Congrats on your Grand Opening. Check out Corporate’s 6-step guide to preparing for your grand-opening day
Each new Juice It Up! franchisee receives a Grand Opening marketing plan tailored to their area.

What the most successful juice bars do

The truth is, most successful juice bars don’t have what we have: a full-time professional marketing team backed by a brand with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Director of Marketing Shauna Parisi says understanding the different needs of each territory and location is key to how her team approaches strategy.

In health-focused Southern California, where many of our juice and smoothie bars are located and where we tend to face a lot of competition, we maximize our marketing dollars by leveraging local partnerships. Last year, one group of stores partnered with a popular minor league hockey team and advertised in the arena. Participation wasn’t required, but many franchise owners joined in because they saw it as a great option for boosting revenues.

A different strategy altogether is needed in Florida, a new market for Juice It Up! where we’re developing three stores.

“When we’re breaking into a new market, it’s important we make our presence known ahead of time by sending press releases to local media to announce how the development is progressing and providing our expected opening dates,” she says. “Talking about our history as a brand is important in a new market, too. We want to explain that we’re a leader in the smoothie and raw juice bar space, and we happen to be breaking into this new market.”

We even have solutions for those pioneering franchisees who are the first ones to open a Juice It Up! in their area, like Brooklynn Lorenzen, who runs her juice franchise in Hillsboro, OR.

“I work with Brooklynn on a one-on-one basis to help develop strategies for her area,” Parisi says. “Right now we’re working on a campaign to show people the benefits of juicing. She has several customers who have gone through a complete weight loss transformation through juicing, and we are going to be marketing that.”

Our marketing tools are just a click away

If the leaves are turning color or, depending on where you live, the surfers are changing from shorty wetsuits to full-length, you can count on the Pumpkin Pleaser showing up at a Juice It Up! near you. The Pumpkin Pleaser smoothie is one of our most popular seasonal offerings, and it shows up around this time every year.

A Pumpkin Pleaser smoothie bowl on the left is topped with granola, a cinnamon stick, a graham cracker and cinnamon-dusted whipped cream. In the center is a Pumpkin Pleaser smoothie topped with cinnamon-dusted whipped cream. Some of the whipped cream and smoothie is dripping down the side of the cup. In the front is a Merry Mocha Mint smoothie topped with whipped cream. All containers are Juice It Up! branded, and the words “The Pumpkin Pleaser bowl & smoothie” and “Merry Mocha Mint smoothie” are on the left and right sides of the image respectively. The image is circular.
Seasonal offerings like Pumpkin Pleaser and Mocha Mint Smoothies are a great marketing tool to attract new and existing guests to their nearest Juice It Up! juice and smoothie location.

When it comes to quarterly LTOs, limited-time offers designed to both attract new guests and prompt loyal fans to come back and try something new, we spend a lot of time educating our franchise partners about the new menu items. We send out educational materials in the weeks before the seasonal products are launched, describing the new items and demonstrating how to put them together. We schedule a conference call with everyone to talk about nutritional benefits, best practices on maximizing sales and making sure every employee is well-informed in case guests have questions.

Finally, we have an intranet portal where franchisees can order what they need to market their own stores. We walk them through the best strategies for social media, set up a Facebook account and run their Instagram account for the first month of opening. They have everything they need, just a click or a phone call away.

“The important thing for our prospective franchisees to understand is that we have a lot of resources, and we have a lot of options,” Parisi says. “Marketing is an ongoing activity. It doesn’t just end when your grand opening is over. We are there to help guide each and every one of them.”

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