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We’re the perfect fit for first-time business owners

You could open a juice bar on your own, or you can open a juicing franchise with the support of 20 years of experience

Opening your own business takes a certain boldness. There’s uncertainty in the outcome and a lot of learning through trial and error. But for those willing to work hard, opening a juicing franchise with Juice It Up! takes away much of the concern over those risks because you’ll be backed by an already-proven concept.

If you’ve been wanting to run your own healthy lifestyle business, as an independent operator you have to lay out a certain amount of capital, establish relationships with vendors and try to gain a reputation for your brand among your customers. With our juice franchise, you will have access to our brand recognition, vendor relationships, proprietary recipes, buying power and so much more.

There are many advantages, and you don’t just have to take our word for it. Our numbers speak for themselves. In the first quarter of 2017, for instance, our same-store sales increased 5% over this time last year.

An employee pours fresh-squeezed green juice, with apples, lemons, cucumbers and wheatgrass in the background.
Ease of operations and 20 years of success make our juicing franchise an attractive investment option, particularly for first-time business owner.

Why our franchise works

The same-store sales increase comes from the hard work of our franchisees, who are fully supported by our experienced franchising staff at our headquarters in Southern California. We’ve been in the business a long time, so our juicing franchise support staff understands the challenges you face and can help you overcome them with a proven blueprint for success.

Juice It Up! has been a trailblazer in the juice and smoothie industry, as the first to market with the superfruit açaí and our willingness to innovate in our menu with smoothie bowls, made-to-order raw juices and cold-pressed organic juices. We understand the locations that work well for Juice It Up!, guests are already in love with our long-lasting brand and our operations are simple. Low fixed overhead costs and the buying power of a well-established brand equal a relatively inexpensive startup investment for the franchise buyer.

How we support you

Rasna Arora worked in the corporate world for several years before becoming a franchise owner. She and her husband knew they’d found the right investment when they met the corporate team at Juice It Up!

Rasna Arora
Rasna Arora

“Ever since I’ve been in this franchise, anytime I’ve asked for their help in terms of operations or marketing materials or HR, they’ve been there for me,” says Arora, who owns two Juice It Up! locations in Southern California. “There’s quarterly feedback on where we stand in terms of our sales and how they should be trending. If there’s a quarter where the number of people coming to my store has fallen, they help us find out the reasons why that happened and help us figure out how to make those numbers come up.”

In addition to business coaching and administrative support, we also have nutritional support. Our Food Scientist Noah Burgess oversees the creation of new recipes and ensures our menu items are packed with nutrition, our products are delicious and our menus adhere to strict FDA requirements. You will also have access to an entire network of fellow franchisees, whom you can rely on for advice and tips on best practices.

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Ours is a healthy lifestyle brand that lets you feel good about how you make a living. If you’re craving a chance to run your own business but want a way to mitigate the risks, our juicing franchise could be the solution you’ve been seeking.

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