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Juice It Up! ranks among best franchises for veterans

A healthy franchise like our juice and smoothie bar is the perfect choice for military vets, and we offer incentives to those who have served our country

Transitioning from military service back to civilian life can be a challenging time for some. But veterans who turn toward franchising typically find that it makes a lot of sense for their training and skill sets, and with Juice It Up!, they can rest assured they’re investing in one of the best franchises for veterans around.

Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked the best franchises for veterans, based on their suitability for and offerings to veterans of the armed services, and Juice It Up! came in at No. 24. Research indicates a strong correlation between military service and professional success in civilian life, in part because vets have to learn how to work as part of a team while also learning leadership skills.

Veteran Marine Willie Smith stands in front of a chalkboard, holding a pink and white smoothie in a clear plastic cup, in his dress blues. The chalkboard reads, “Try Our Organic Cold-Pressed juices!”
Willie Smith is a retired Marine who is now a successful Juice It Up! franchisee.

That was certainly the case for Juice It Up! franchise owner Willie Smith of Temecula, CA.

“I knew a franchise already had a system in place, they’d done the hard work of creating the business model, and I wanted to jump in and be able to follow guidelines and rules because I’m used to that. My criteria: something healthy, something where I could be engaged in the community and something I could be proud to go home and tell my family, ‘Hey, we own this.’ I wanted something that added value to the community.”

Juice bar franchise opportunities are perfect for vets

Franchising, when done right, is a business model that proscribes systems and processes that make your business more efficient and less likely to hit unexpected snags, because the franchisor and all the franchisees who’ve come before you have worked those things out. With Juice It Up!’s long history in business – we’ve been operating since 1995 – in a booming industry, vets looking at juice bar franchise opportunities should give us strong consideration.

Men and women go through rigorous physical training during their time in the armed forces, and many of them keep up their fitness levels for life. They may naturally be interested in starting a juice bar. It’s a career path that combines a passion for healthier living with a desire to be your own boss.

A Juice It Up! franchise makes perfect sense from that standpoint. We’ve put in the work to develop and refine the business model for you, so you can spend your energy building an already-proven business.

An employee pours a green juice from a blender into a plastic cup. Fresh fruits and vegetables are stacked in the background.
Juice It Up! has a menu of juices, smoothies and bowls to meet the nutritional needs of all our guests. And everything on the menu is as delicious as it is nutritious, so it’s a treat you can feel good about serving.

A food franchise for healthier living

Our franchise owners come from all walks of life, but one thing they all have in common is a commitment to sharing healthy snack and meal options with their communities.

Juice It Up!’s menu is backed by solid nutritional research, and our offerings are perfect for everyone from hardcore juicers to parents looking for healthier after-school snacks. Our franchisees rely on each other for best practices and can turn to our expert leadership team for business coaching and advice on planning their professional growth.

We appreciate the time veterans have devoted to our country, and our discounted franchise fees are just one way we can thank them for their service. We also firmly believe that a franchise career with Juice It Up! is the perfect segue from military service to civilian life.

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