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Juice It Up! is an all-season business

Not only are we open year-round, we tailor our offerings to meet shifting consumer demand to help increase profit potential

With some treats businesses, you have to factor in seasonality. But for a juice and smoothie franchise, the products can be a regular part of guests’ healthy lifestyles. Although the fresh fruits and vegetables we use in our juices, smoothies and bowls may seem like they’d lend themselves best to a seasonal business, Juice It Up! keeps the doors open all year long.

There are some dips and surges in the juice and smoothie business, but not as much as you might think. And, of course, we have developed strategies to even those out. One way we do that is through promoting to consumers how Juice It Up! can help them balance out their holiday indulgences.

“We may have a little seasonality, but more people are seeing juicing as a habitual, daily activity. And smoothies this time of year are more often sought out as healthier meal replacements than refreshing beverage treats as in the hot summer months,” says Shauna Parisi, Marketing Director. “Everybody’s going to indulge, especially during the holidays, but it’s about balance. Our loyal guests know that they can go ahead and have that extra glass of wine at a party or a piece of cheesecake, as long as they come into Juice It Up! to make up for all of those empty, excess calories. We offer solutions to take away the guilt.”

A 4-photo collage, clockwise from top left, shows a Juice It Up! exterior in the snow, a woman in a tank top drinking a juice from a straw, a green juice in a branded cup surrounded by autumnal foliage and berries, and a magenta juice in a branded cup against a backdrop of sunflowers.
Winter, spring, summer or fall, Juice It Up! is there to serve guests and help you keep earning revenue all year long.

Our juice and smoothie franchise adjusts offerings to the season

We obviously maintain a nutritious and varied menu at all times to meet guest demand. Research & Development Scientist Noah Burgess is constantly working behind the scenes to discover the latest trends in juicing and smoothies. He makes sure we meet the nutritional requirements our guests are looking for while introducing new flavors and ingredients that consumers crave.

An orange juice is flanked by two green juices, with all three in Juice It Up! Branded cups. In the background is a wall with the words, “Live Life Juiced” over shelves of apples and lemons.
Juices and smoothies are a way of life, not just something people enjoy a certain time of year.

Every fall, we bring back the Pumpkin Pleaser, a creamy smoothie or bowl made with nonfat yogurt, cinnamon and pumpkin spice. In recent summers, we introduced Turmeric and Chili Lime Mango Smoothies and the California Cooler as Limited Time Offerings. These short-term offerings help franchise owners make the most of the seasons they’re in by rekindling customer interest.

Make the most of your revenue opportunities year-round

Juice It Up! franchisees rely on more than just their storefronts to generate earnings. Catering, for instance, allows franchise owners to pick up Christmas parties during the holiday season. There are opportunities to promote healthy pick-me-ups after 5K and marathon races. Franchisees often partner with schools to cater after-school events or offer gift cards as rewards for behavioral or academic performance. And to help you get the word out, we also help you maximize your marketing budget, providing you with professional templates and materials that you can customize for your locations.

An Outstanding Student Award has a variegated green background, the Juice It Up! logo in the upper left-hand corner, and a small block of text that reads, “At Juice It Up! we believe in hard work and dedication in your academic life. We reward you for doing your BEST!” A short form calls for a student’s name, teacher’s name and the date. At the bottom are two coupons that say “Free Drink | Good for one free small drink of your choice!” and “Family BOGO | Buy a large drink and receive a small drink free!”

“We train our franchisees to go out into the community and work with schools and local businesses, educating them about what we have to offer and promoting healthy lifestyles,” says Parisi. “In most cases, when you support the schools and other organizations with fundraising or healthy products, customers want to turn around support your business with frequent visits and raving reviews.”

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Find out more about how our juice and smoothie franchise can help you fulfill your dreams of being an entrepreneur in a healthy industry. You can explore more about our brand on our research pages. You can learn even more, including average earnings for franchisees as well as our startup costs, by filling out the short form on this page to receive a password to our proprietary Juice It Up! Franchise Information Center. We look forward to hearing from you!