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How Juice It Up! stands out from other juice franchise opportunities

Our established brand still has lots of room to grow, edging out other juice franchise opportunities

Living a healthy lifestyle and being a busy entrepreneur don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With Juice It Up!, you get to combine your two loves, sharing your passion for healthy living while growing your own healthy juicing business. But with all the juice franchise opportunities out there, how can you be sure that Juice It Up! is the right one for you?

Glad you asked. We’ve listed a few of those reasons below.

Experienced franchise leadership

“We’ve been around a long time; we’re not still figuring things out. We’re not a startup with just a few years of experience,” says Director of Operations Marcus Skinner, who has been in the franchise industry himself for over 10 years. “We know what works, and then we convey that to our franchisees. We train them and provide the support they need to be successful.”

Our strong systems have been proven, and in conjunction with our marketing support and business coaching, our franchisees are in very good hands.

An interior shot of the front of a store shows a curved counter with fruits and veggies on display, and the company motto “Live Life Juiced” in big letters on a green wall.
Fruits and veggies are front and center, underscoring the message to guests that everything is made to order while they wait.

Growth and stability

When you find a franchise that’s been around as long as Juice It Up!, which started in 1995, it’s often the case that territories are very limited. One of our advantages over other juice franchise opportunities is that we offer the stability of a longtime brand, but still have many open territories.

We have 100 units open and in development, and in addition to our strong California presence we have ventured into Texas, New Mexico and Oregon. We’re also targeting several new states for growth, including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Oklahoma. Being such an established brand, we understand the route to growing in new areas, and we have the resources to help build our name recognition in a market that won’t already be saturated with a Juice It Up! on every corner.

Innovation draws guests

Consumers love the fact that we’re healthy but still convenient and portable, using fresh produce to make their raw juices or frozen-fresh fruits and vegetables to make smoothies and bowls to order. That attracts them to Juice It Up! over the smoothies they might find on the menu at a burger place. The fact that we keep their favorites on our menu while constantly innovating — we were the first to market with açaí, for example — and introducing seasonal blends, trending ingredients and LTOs (limited time offers) keeps them coming back.

A smiling employee pours a hot pink dragonfruit (pitaya) smoothie into a bowl in front of a display of colorful fresh toppings.
Raw juices, delicious smoothies and bowls give our guests a lot of options when it comes to finding something healthy that they love. We offer the opportunity to create routine while still incorporating variety.

Some people just flat-out think we taste better, and although that’s certainly a matter of opinion, it’s one we’re always happy to hear.

With our passionate franchisees, who care about sharing the joys and benefits that come from healthy living, it’s the perfect combination to keep guests coming back. We also provide catering services to schools, organizations and businesses, which helps our franchisees increase their revenue opportunities while building a loyal base of customers.

Learn more about Juice It Up!

As the popularity of juices and smoothies continue to rise, you’ll see more and more juice franchise opportunities. Make sure you choose the right opportunity for yourself by doing your homework. Just fill out the short form on this page and we’ll send you a password for our Juice It Up! Franchise Information Center. There, you can review our financial information, including average earnings and startup costs, read Q&As with longtime franchisees, review tutorials for first-time franchise buyers and more.