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Millennials are changing the juice and smoothie game

Juice bar industry size is growing, driven partly by demand from the highest-spending demographic

An increase in preventive eating habits and an overall rise in health consciousness have been creating new growth opportunities in our industry, evidenced by the fact that the juice bar industry size continues to grow.

Juice and smoothie bars are a $2.2 billion industry nationwide, and that’s thanks in part to how Millennials have embraced juicing as a lifestyle. Juices and smoothies now have the portability and convenience of fast food, but they tend to be much healthier and, in the case of Juice It Up!, made from the best quality fruits and vegetables possible. Those are attractive options that edge out fast-food places, and with their influence on dining habits, Millennials are driving that change.

As a group, Millennials spend more money on dining out than any other demographic, and they’re not shy about sharing what they feel. They want to show you how healthy they’re eating, and they’ll hashtag the #goodnews on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. That goes a long way toward marketing your business, and it costs you nothing.

With the current clean food movement, vegetarianism and veganism on the rise, as well as the millennial generation that connects more to meaningful food and ingredients, healthful products including fresh juice has become increasingly in demand.

A franchise with staying power

Juicing is here to stay, even as the industry itself evolves to meet changing tastes and consumer demands. Millennials are as usual leading the charge, getting involved in activities like juice crawls (instead of pub crawls) and being more mindful of their health overall, according to Forbes magazine. And as Millennials set the pace, other generations follow suit. The smoothie industry is predicted to grow by at least another 8% by 2020, according to Technavio, and Juice It Up! is positioned to grow with it, just as we have been doing since 1995.

We started out as a business that focused on smoothies, but over the years we’ve shifted to adjust to changes in the market to meet the needs and cravings of our guests. Today, we’ve positioned ourselves around raw juices, smoothies and an expanded focus on bowls. We make eating healthy delicious and fun, which is just what our guests are looking for.

a photo of 5 smoothie bowls, acai bowls and pitaya bowls, in 5 young adults hands all in a circle
More Millennials are looking for healthy meal replacements, which is why we have placed more emphasis on smoothie bowls. Any of our juices and smoothies can be turned into a smoothie bowl.

Our Research & Development Food Scientist, Noah Burgess, is constantly testing new combinations and new ways of adding superfoods and protein to our products. Burgess says Millennials are increasingly seeking out maximum nutritional value, and they know Juice It Up! makes everything taste great. Burgess makes sure the great taste of our juices, smoothies and bowls is backed by nutrients, and we make sure all our franchise owners and their teams are educated about those benefits.

Our competitive edge

The juice bar industry size will undoubtedly continue to grow over the next several years, but we’re not worried about the competition. Our brand is built on proven systems and operational practices that have been refined and honed over decades.

Juice It Up! sets itself apart with the quality of our products, and our growing chain offers entrepreneurs a number of opportunities to explore untapped markets. We can offer outstanding franchisee support and a leadership team with years of franchising experience to help guide your journey with Juice It Up!, whether you’re new to business or an experienced entrepreneur.

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