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Our pink drinks can mean more green

Juice It Up! is thriving because we balance our core values with trends like pink drinks. Here’s how it’s paying off.

We all watch our health metrics this time of year. Here are some healthy business metrics from Juice It Up!: Eight consecutive quarters of growth. Two back-to-back years of Average Unit Volume increases.

That’s not just a healthy food franchise, that’s a healthy franchise opportunity.

So, how did we get here? QSR magazine recently pointed out nine trends in QSR, including the rise of the Pink Drink. We certainly have pink drinks on the menu, but not Pink Drinks. In other words, our pink isn’t some passing fad. When we go pink, it’s because of the natural strawberries in our Strawberry Wave, for instance, which is Juice It Up!’s most popular smoothie. With strawberries, banana, strawberry juice and yogurt, it’s a crowd-pleaser for sure.

“One of the things we really find important is to marry function and flavor. It’s got to taste good or people won’t come back for it,” says Research and Development Scientist Noah Burgess. “Take something else on trend: spirulina in smoothie bowls. With the collagen supplement and the spirulina, which gives it a beautiful blue color, there’s a lot of function and health benefits.

“And it tastes delicious because we created a tropical flavor palate – pineapple and mango, topped with chia seeds, hemp granola, coconut flakes, banana and honey.”

You get the idea. What our colorful bowls and pink drinks represent are a larger commitment to wholesome, delicious products that blend fruits and vegetables into healthier options for your community.

An image collage displays four smoothies in Juice It Up!-branded cups in varying shades of pink.
When you think pink at Juice It Up!, you should also think green: Our franchise owners have been enjoying two back-to-back years of franchise system growth and same-store sales and Average Unit Volume increases.

Juice franchise opportunities that thrive

Juice franchise opportunities abound, but Juice It Up! has been around longer than most because we understand the balance between maintaining a core menu that attracts loyal brand fans and innovation that draws in new guests.

We started in Southern California in 1995, when we mostly focused on smoothies. As market demands shifted and more people became aware of the health benefits of raw juice, we built up a menu that incorporates the best of juices and smoothies.

Our delicious juices, smoothies and bowls combine natural ingredients that are great-tasting and great for you. Noah Burgess works hard to develop products that meet both the tastes and dietary needs of our discerning guests. Function + flavor is our winning combination for guests, and that equals a win for our franchise owners, too.

A pioneer in the juice bar category

Juice It Up! also has the edge when it comes to getting out in front of trends. We were first to market with the superfruit açaí, which has proven to be a mainstay rather than a trend. We also got out in front with pitaya, and now we’ve pioneered the blue smoothie bowl trail by being the first major chain to market with Blue Majik Spirulina, a blue-green algae loaded with natural health benefits.

With our 20+ years in business, we’ve pre-dated and outlasted most juice bar franchises on the market. When you’re looking at juice bar opportunities, we hope you’ll consider all the advantages that come with joining the Juice It Up! franchise family.

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