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The convenience of eating healthy

From Coachella to the corner office, Juice It Up! makes it easier for guests to eat healthy on the go.

A Juice It Up!-branded smoothie bowl is topped with sliced bananas, strawberries and blueberries and sprinkled with cacao nibs.

The $9 billion juice and smoothie industry is booming. Americans are more aware than ever that healthy eating and healthy lifestyles go hand-in-hand. And when healthy options are available with the same speed and convenience as fast food, it’s a win for not just individuals, but the communities they live in.

Juice It Up! strives to be the greatest juice bar, the most sought-out source of superfruit bowls and the best smoothie franchise around. We do that not just through our healthy menu offerings, but by making sure our franchisees’ values align with ours when it comes to healthy living.

Why our guests love us

Juice It Up! is perfect for people who want the convenience of picking up a quick meal. It’s ready in minutes, so it’s as fast as fast food. But with our custom-blended smoothies, juices and superfruit bowls, customers get the convenience of fast food without sacrificing their health.

That’s a huge value proposition we offer to our customers. And while our offerings are made-to-order from fresh produce, our premium juices and smoothies cost about what they’re already spending for breakfast or lunch, and less than dinner in most cases. Thanks to Juice It Up!’s vendor relationships and the ability to buy in bulk and secure good prices, it’s not much more than they would pay for a home-cooked meal — plus, we do all the prep and clean-up for them.

A young man wearing sunglasses and a camouflage T-shirt is drinking a berry-colored smoothie from a straw against grassy hills and a dirt road on a sunny day.

Could you be a Juice It Up! franchisee?

You don’t have to be a superhero with a six-pack or a disciplinarian who never touches a donut. Some of us have a spare tire, and none of us make the right choices 100% of the time. That’s okay. What you will require to be a successful juice and smoothie franchise owner with our brand is passion — passion for helping other people live healthier lives. Juice It Up! provides our franchisees a great way to do that as they get involved in schools, churches and community events.

We provide the outstanding products, the vendor relationships, the business know-how you need to run your own venture. And you can do it all under the Juice It Up! brand name, which has been known and loved in California and beyond since 1995.

Are we the best smoothie franchise?

Sometimes, that answer can be objective, but we certainly like to think so. We’re at the perfect size right now — nearly 100 units — for both single- and multi-unit investors to opt in. We’ve recently gotten a fresh infusion of perspective and expertise with our new ownership and leadership team. We have a new store design, a new bowl bar, an updated app and a new POS system to help our franchisees attract more business and keep a better eye on the KPIs.

Our menu is backed by solid nutritional science, and it’s been endorsed over the years by millions of satisfied customers. Juice It Up! is a powerful combination of lifestyle and entrepreneurial opportunity rolled into one.

Join the Juice It Up! family

Maybe the healthier lifestyle you aspire to is the investment or career change you’ve been looking for. Please explore our research pages. To start a conversation, just fill out the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!