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What customers want, exactly how they want it

Juice It Up! juice, bowl and smoothie franchises are thriving thanks to personalization

A Juice It Up!-branded acai bowl is topped with blueberries, granola and bananas and held up against a background of hot pink bougainvillea flowers.

We’ve all had that frustrating restaurant experience: This dish has nuts that you’re allergic to. That one has mint, which you don’t think works in the dish. You’d order that third item but you are not a fan of pickled cabbage.

Luckily, Juice It Up! is able to offer customers exactly what they want and how they want it. That kind of customization is cropping up more and more in the QSR segment these days. And as a juice, bowl and smoothie franchise, we are uniquely positioned to provide personalization without sacrificing quality, taste or convenience.

When QSR franchises execute on mass customization, they’ve had to figure out cost-effective food assembly lines, or self-serve models that don’t force customers to over-pay or make franchisees lose on product margins. It’s a business model that can work, but it takes some brands longer to figure out the right tactics.

That’s never been an issue at Juice It Up!

Customized for the customer

A personalized food concept can be a boon or a bust. Cost is a huge consideration, and so is speed of service. At Juice It Up!, we’ve always made our juices, smoothies and superfruit bowls to order, so it’s easier than ever to maintain customer satisfaction with each personalized product.

Our food scientist spends a lot of time on R&D to ensure every product is nutritionally functional as well as delicious, but individual tastes vary. One customer may insist on chia seeds with every acai bowl while another is all about the coconut and granola. Someone might have an allergy or a taste preference.

Our menu includes an entire selection of toppings and add-ons from fresh sliced fruit to cacao nibs, and our guests can also choose nutritional boosts like whey protein, spirulina and probiotics to support their own unique needs.

A franchise for healthy living

We’re not a make-ahead, hope-they-buy-it, throw-it-out concept. That business model seems to be dying out as more and more people look for healthy alternatives to fast food. Our business model and our processes have been honed over the years for the ultimate in efficiency, both from a guest convenience perspective and from a franchisee cost perspective.

One thing all our franchisees share is a passion for healthy living. Juice It Up! products offer guests a way to stay healthy on the go with our ever-busier lifestyles. We craft juices, bowls and smoothies that can be ordered as-is and suit the needs of everyone from weight-lifters and marathoners to pregnant moms and people who want to lose a few pounds.

Juice and smoothie franchises are a smart investment right now, because once people start eating healthier and raising their kids to do the same, they’re unlikely to go back to the old way of doing things. And Juice It Up! is a smart choice within the juice, bowls and smoothies category because of our deep roots and brand familiarity in Southern California and beyond. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and consumers both know us and love us.

Join our franchise family

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