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Why Juice It Up! may be the best açaí bowl franchise opportunity

Açaí bowls are big, and we’re claiming our position in this growing franchise segment

Juice It Up! has been meeting demand in the booming juices, smoothies and bowls industry for decades, and while we’re not an exclusively açaí bowl franchise, we are swiftly claiming our share of this growing trend.

More and more consumers are clamoring for healthy and delicious alternatives to everything from breakfast and dinner to lunch and snacks. Smoothie bowls, with their thicker consistency and option of toppings, feel more substantive to some consumers as meal replacements. And as you might have noticed, smoothie bowl businesses and açaí bowl franchises are starting to pop up everywhere. We think that’s great. Juices and smoothies are a $2.2 billion industry, and we welcome the competition.

A close-up shot of a smoothie bowl shows a blurred-out green spoon handle sticking up from the bowl, which is topped with sliced strawberries, blueberries and bananas, sprinkled with shredded coconut.
Juice It Up! is increasing smoothie bowl supply to meet growing demand. To that end, we ran a contest in Spring 2018 offering a month of free açaí bowls at every Juice It Up! location.

How to lead the açaí bowl franchise market

Açaí bowls comprise some of our longstanding core menu favorites, and we also leverage the popularity of this healthy trend with limited time offers (LTOs). Some bowl-focused LTOs meet with such great success that we add them to the menu permanently, like our Protein Açaí Bowl. LTOs are the perfect way to drive new customers through the doors and remind loyal fans that we’re always innovating.

A Juice It Up!-branded smoothie bowl topped with granola and goji berries is in the foreground. An out-of-focus banana and a burlap sack spilling out coffee beans are in the background.
Coffee and the organic superfood açaí in the same bowl? That’s not only a yes for consumers, it’s a big yes for franchisees.

We do more than hold our own in this increasingly popular category; we are rising to the head of the pack. Mom-and-pop independent businesses sometimes struggle for capital and market share. Some newcomers focus too narrowly on açaí or smoothie bowls or offer a menu that’s too broad to effectively capture their target market.

In short, the bowl market is extremely fragmented, and Juice It Up! franchisees are poised to make the most of that opportunity.

We could be your best bowl bet

We are uniquely positioned in this growing segment of the juice and smoothie business. Not only have smoothie and açaí bowls been part of our product offerings for a long time, Juice It Up! has a long history in the healthy food franchise business.

That means many health-conscious consumers already rely on us for delicious fresh-made juices, smoothies and bowls. Our brand is known, trusted and beloved in our core markets in California, and people are latching on to our franchise quickly as we expand our presence nationwide in places like Texas and Florida.

Our startup costs are accessible, with the initial investment ranging from $227,400 to $399,185. We have experts on our corporate team who can advise you on everything from sales and marketing to business technologies to healthful recipe research and development.

Those are all tremendous advantages in any juice-related franchise, and particularly so in the up-and-coming bowl franchise segment. How many bowl franchises can boast 20 years of success in business? How many can turn you toward dozens of longtime franchisees who are more than happy to validate the business opportunity?

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As you continue to research the emerging açaí bowl franchise market, we urge you to explore our website, and if you’d like to take a look at our recent financial performance, please fill out the short form on this page. Qualified candidates will be granted access to our proprietary Franchise Information Center, which includes details of our financial picture. We look forward to hearing from you!