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Healthy Franchise Demand is Growing, and Multi-Unit Owners are Responding

Juice It Up! offers a great way for multi-unit owners to diversify and meet demand for healthy franchises

Eight Juice It Up! workers share a celebratory toast using small cups full of wheat grass juice.
Juice It Up! is a happy business. The ease of attracting, training and retaining employees is one of several advantages for multi-unit owners.

Burgers, fried chicken and pizza built the modern restaurant franchise industry. Baby Boomers flocked to quick, convenient, drive-thru meals, and that led to many years of sales growth. But as the American waistline has expanded, consumers have become much more health conscious. That shift has fueled demand for healthy franchises — especially among the younger consumers that many older franchises have struggled to capture.

Juice It Up! is an attractive option for multi-unit restaurant owners who are looking to diversify their restaurant portfolios and serve more young customers. Our franchisees include owners of several other franchise concepts: Wienerschnitzel, Dickey’s BBQ and Wingstop among them. Each of these franchises has its own customer base. Juice It Up! offers the opportunity to expand the pool of customers. Here are some advantages of our business model:

Young people demand healthier options

Two macro trends are driving the choices of younger diners.

1) They demand authenticity. Younger diners try to avoid foods they perceive as overly processed or unnatural, and this has led restaurant chains to scramble to revise their menus and offerings to reassure customers that the food they are eating is, well, food. While it may be a terrible slur to imply that a food additive is the equivalent of eating a yoga mat, the reality is that consumer perceptions matter and can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line for restaurant owners.

Juice It Up! has a major advantage thanks to the transparency of what goes into our juices and smoothies. Customers see the fruit and vegetables that go into the juice presser or blender jar.

Açaí bowls topped with banana slices, strawberry slices and blackberries.
Açaí bowls are one of the popular options at Juice It Up!

2) They are mindful eaters. Millennials and Gen Y are healthier eaters than their parents. Thanks to the internet, they are able to research nutrition and superfoods. As a result, healthy options are increasingly top-of-mind. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey showed 47% of people aged 18–34 changing their eating habits to adopt a healthier diet, compared to 23% among people aged 55+.

Juice It Up!’s menu is in perfect alignment with these trends.

Low costs, strong margins

Our business model also eliminates some of the costs and back-end concerns that can create headaches for restaurant owners.

  • Fresh and frozen vegetables have a low spoilage rate, which saves money and simplifies inventory management.
  • Preparation is simple, which makes training employees easier.
  • You don’t need a huge staff in order to serve a lot of customers.

All of these factors help keep ongoing costs relatively low.

Let’s talk

If you are looking for healthy franchise opportunities — especially as part of a portfolio diversification strategy — then we should talk. Once you fill out the contact form on this page you will receive access to our Franchise Information Center. We will be in touch to for an initial conversation about your goals and the opportunities. Meanwhile, we invite you to continue exploring our juice and smoothie franchise opportunity by reading the stories of some of our franchisees. We look forward to hearing from you!