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Juice It Up! has franchise opportunities in Florida

Build your own juice franchise in Florida with our proven, growing brand

The exterior of a Juice It Up! in a strip mall is seen on the left, with the brand name in large yellow letters and the words “raw juice bar” beneath that in black. Palm trees can be seen in the background.
If you’re been exploring the idea of opening a juice franchise in Florida, Juice It Up! offers advantages such as open territories and the backing of an experienced brand.

A big opportunity is opening up for potential franchise candidates in the Sunshine State. After 20-plus years of growing a huge base of loyal brand fans in the Western U.S., Juice It Up! is looking to open up our franchise opportunities nationwide. In particular, we are interested in passionate entrepreneurs who have been exploring the idea of opening a juice franchise in Florida.

Juice It Up! has a simple business model that has grown into a franchise brand of nearly 100 units since the company was founded in 1995. We have been trailblazers in our segment, one of the first franchises in the juice market. We attract guests with our healthy, convenient and fully customizable menu of juices, smoothies and bowls, keeping classics at the core while continuing to innovate and meet the nutritional needs and wants of all of our guests.

With a leadership team experienced in the field of franchising, Juice It Up! offers strong support to our franchisees in the form of training, marketing, business consulting and more. We are there from the time you sign your agreement to your grand opening, and for your entire time as a franchise owner with Juice It Up! We do not require any restaurant experience, only an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for sharing healthy lifestyles with others.

Healthy industry

We’re not just in an industry that focuses on health, we’re in a healthy industry — as in our segment is robust and growing. The juice and smoothie industry is worth $9 billion worldwide, according to research firm Technavio, and the market is expected to continue expanding as more and more people strive to live healthier lifestyles.

At Juice It Up!, we offer a menu that runs the gamut from raw juices and fusions to handcrafted smoothies and nutrient-rich superfruit bowls. That variety means our products appeal to a broader customer base, not just the all-or-nothing healthy eaters. Increasingly, people across all demographics are realizing how important it is to include fruits and veggies in their diets, and they love adding a green juice or a smoothie bowl into the mix. We’re here for them, and for the hard-core juicers, too.

A worker whose head is cropped out of the picture pours a green juice out of a blender and into a clear plastic cup. Apples, lemons, cucumbers and wheatgrass are pictured in the background.
Made-to-order juices, smoothies and bowls have made Juice It Up! a stand-out brand in California for decades. If you open our juice franchise in Florida, we anticipate seeing that same brand popularity.

The advantages of Juice It Up!

Juice It Up! is a happy business. We are living our passion, sharing it with others, creating a great vibe in the workplace and putting customers in a good mood, every day. As an established franchise with experienced leadership, our franchise owners have greater access to the advice they need to run more successful businesses.

We work with catering programs in schools to help introduce good nutrition to younger generations. We believe in the power of helping people live healthier lifestyles, and our franchise owners know they’re doing something good for their communities while they’re building a profitable business for themselves and their families.

Our innovative menu of juices, smoothies and bowls is backed by solid nutrition science, and our staff makes sure every item tastes as good as it is good for you. That attracts healthy lifestyle customers, keeps our customers engaged, keeps them from getting bored with our menu and keeps them coming back.

Why Florida

Florida is a natural growth target for our juice franchise, not only because it has been ranked the No. 2 Best State for Business in the U.S. for four consecutive years by CEO Magazine, but also because it has many of the same geographic qualities as our home base of sunny Southern California. It’s a state that is home to people who love an active, outdoor lifestyle, and those are people who tend to naturally be drawn toward healthful and meaningful products, such as juices and smoothies.

A silhouetted map of Florida is marked with city locations Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Panama City Beach and Pensacola.

This market is ripe for the juice and smoothie franchise industry. We have locations in and are continuing to grow in Texas, New Mexico and Oregon, along with our home state of California. But we are especially keen to break into the Florida market, and we would love to recruit franchise buyers for this area to grow along with us. The opportunities will never be this open again.

For more information

If you’d like to open your own juice franchise in Florida and think Juice It Up! could be the right opportunity for you, we would love to talk to you. We invite you to fill out the form on this page to get entry to our proprietary Franchise Information Center, which includes in-depth financial information, Q&As with longtime franchisees, tutorials for first-time franchise buyers and more.