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How we’re using multi-platform marketing and community-building to grow our brand

We don’t just want to be the top juice bar or the best smoothie franchise. We want to be the No. 1 place for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

A 3-photo collage shows a woman cradling her pregnant belly in profile against a woodsy meadow; a young shirtless man in a backward baseball cap lifting barbells in a gym; a family walking away from the camera on a hike through a desert canyon.

Before Milena Rimassa started working at Juice It Up!, she would occasionally stop in at one of our L.A. locations but admits, she was “juice store agnostic.” She might just as easily have stopped at a Jamba Juice or a Robeks. Now, as our new Marketing Director, part of her job is to make sure the Juice It Up! brand stands out from the crowded juice franchise space.

And she has no plans to take it slowly.

“Juice It Up! products are already so exceptional, we basically have all of the ingredients here to take the company to the next level,” Rimassa says. While she firmly believes the products “pretty much speak for themselves” and Juice It Up! has a good presence on social media, what Rimassa wants to do is find the ways the brand is impacting customers and then get the word out loud and clear to a much broader audience.

“We have a menu full of ‘functional’ products that address the physical needs of many, many types of people, from pregnant women and new moms to kids in school, weekend athletes and bodybuilders. What I’m wanting to do is intelligently speak to all of those audiences, talk about how their lives have been enhanced by the Juice It Up! brand. The plan is to do this through storytelling.”

Storytelling is key

Instead of just telling the brand story through blogs and Instagram and Twitter, Rimassa, a former journalist and filmmaker, wants to distribute the stories on multiple platforms. Part of that strategy includes working with Juice It Up!’s food scientist, Noah Burgess, on a web series about healthier eating.

“I’m really reaching out to the community to find out about their experiences with the brand. When do they consume our product? How do they consume our product? Why do they consume our product?” Rimassa says. “Then I’m going to encourage those microsectors to spread the word, to be engaged and enthused brand ambassadors. You can expect more community action and more people engaged on our social media platforms and a huge increase in content on our YouTube channel.”

Whether brand fans are raving about their favorite superfruit smoothie bowl or talking about a meaningful way Juice It Up! is helping them to live healthier, Rimassa wants to encourage “real feedback about how our products touch their lives and better their lives.”

Passionate about healthy living

Rimassa herself is a big believer in healthier eating. The avid hiker and swimmer comes from a Mediterranean family, so she has always followed a healthy Mediterranean diet. About 15 years ago, she discovered how much better she felt when she started eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. These days, she loves tackling 10- or 15-mile endurance hikes in the Southern California mountains. When she’s feeling “lazy,” a 6- to 8-mile trek will do.

To fuel up for one of her mega hikes, Rimassa says, she might order something healthy and functional from Juice It Up!, like the PB Cold Brew Mocha smoothie. It packs enough protein to power you for a long hike, and it kicks up the power a notch with a caffeine boost. Bonus: It tastes great.

A Juice It Up!-branded cup is filled with a light brown smoothie. At the base of the cup are peanuts in the shell, coffee beans, rough chunks of chocolate and sliced banana.


It’s worth mentioning that franchise owners at Juice It Up! don’t have to be former athletes or endurance hikers. They just need to be passionate about living healthier lifestyles and sharing that passion with others. Same goes for our customers, who come in all shapes and sizes.

The one thing we all share, Juice It Up! corporate staff, franchisees and customers alike, is the passion for living healthier, longer, better lives.

What Juice It Up! franchisees can expect

Rimassa is planning to help raise awareness of the brand by “gathering friends from different sectors, like the MMA community, people that I hike with, other people who are engaged in the community, to try the product and let them tell their own success story.

“On our social media, there’s a lot of people that are sharing their stories already. So it’s really not that hard to reach out to any number of people within our 85 stores and ask them to share their stories. They’re all pretty eager to do this. People really like to share their stories.”

Juice It Up! wants to start more conversations about the ingredients, the products and how they can impact people’s lives. The clean eating web series will include episodes about, for instance, what choices are good for pregnant women, what’s good for endurance runners, what’s good for bodybuilders. We’re interviewing real people who have tried the products, and franchisees can use the webisodes to help build business at their individual locations.

We also hope to start working more closely with nonprofit groups such as Feeding America and Second Harvest Food Bank, both regionally and as a brand, and encourage our customers to get involved as well.

“Getting involved with charities like these helps spread awareness, is good for the community at large and allows our customers to embrace being of service to the greater community. At the same time, it also helps spread the word about Juice It Up!”

Learn more

If you’ve been exploring the juice and smoothie franchise market, we invite you to take a closer look at our brand. You can explore our value propositions through our research pages, and you can start a conversation by filling out a form on this page. We look forward to a healthier, happier new year, and we look forward to hearing from you!