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How Big is the Juice and Smoothie Industry?

Four Juice It Up!-branded smoothie bowls are lined up on a countertop and topped with various fruits and seeds. Bins of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are in the background.

Our juice and smoothie franchise benefits from a robust industry that continues to grow

The obesity crisis is reaching epidemic proportions, and it’s caused us to become more aware than ever before of the need to adopt healthier eating habits. That’s strongly evidenced by the worldwide $9 billion juice and smoothie industry, which research firm Technavio predicts will grow 7% by 2020. And that puts our juice and smoothie franchise just where we want to be.

Smoothies and juices offer an excellent alternative to unhealthy fast food. With fresh-squeezed vegetables and fruits, plus protein add-ins like whey and soy, they are becoming a much more popular option for people who want to eat healthier but still need the convenience and portability of fast food.

According to Technavio, “A rise in health conscious population coupled with preventive food habits is fueling the growth of the global smoothies market. Preventive food habits indicate consumption of healthy foods with some functional benefits and added vitamins and minerals. These foods minimize the risk of health-related issues and increase the immunity and strength of the body.”

picture of a green smoothie

The benefits of smoothies and juices

One of the great things about offering both raw juices and smoothies is that they aren’t just for the all-or-nothing healthy eaters. People across all demographics are now realizing the importance of adding more fruit and vegetables into their diets, and they love adding a green juice, smoothie or superfruit smoothie bowl into the mix.

The citrusy tang of The Invigorator, a raw juice that blends orange, spinach, kale and pineapple, or a cold and creamy Pitaya Passion Bowl, topped with satisfyingly crunchy organic omega-3 granola, taste like straight-up treats. What could be simpler for your health than adding guilt-free treats to your diet? That’s something Juice It Up! customers love.

Noah Burgess, the Research & Development Food Scientist here at Juice It Up!, points out that a small juice is three servings of fruits and vegetables; a medium is 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables; and a large contributes a whopping eight servings of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. You won’t find that in a cheeseburger.

“We’re starting to see a lot of the younger demographic, Millennials and the generation after that, gravitating toward the superfruit and smoothie bowls,” Burgess says. “In addition to the increased interest in our bowl line with the younger demographic, we’re also seeing more interest in protein. It has picked up a lot of speed in the last year or two.”

Franchisee Vishal Sharma, who owns a Juice It Up! in Tustin, CA, was new to juicing when he first bought his franchise, but he’s a complete convert now. “A healthy diet isn’t something that has to taste bad,” he says. “It’s opened my eyes a lot.”

He particularly loves working with schools in his community and introducing the joys and benefits of healthy eating to young people. “I love being able to cater to the children and put that smile on their face,” Sharma says. “I love being able to provide a healthy lifestyle with juices and smoothies instead of serving something unhealthy like wings. I’m putting myself into it, giving people a reason to get away from their bad habits. We are encouraging a healthy lifestyle; we’re helping them live healthier lives.”

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