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Menu Innovation & Creation

When you’re opening a juice bar, you want our food scientist on your side

Noah Burgess grew up in Hawaii, so a lot of the ingredients our Research and Development Food Scientist now works with were actually growing in his backyard. With his background in nutrition, food science, chemistry and physiology, Burgess understands there’s a lot more to a smoothie bowl than meets the eye.

So when a customer at Brooklynn Lorenzen’s Hillsboro, Oregon, Juice It Up! has a question about which menu items have a low glycemic index or what combination might best aid digestion, Lorenzen knows who to turn to. It’s one of the reasons she opted for an experienced franchisor when she and her husband were planning on opening a juice bar.

Picture of a smoothie and a juice and a bowl
We evaluate the nutrition as well as the flavor factor in all three of our product lines: juices, smoothies and bowls.

“I went through the process of trying to figure out whether I wanted to do this on my own, and one of the benefits I saw with Juice It Up! was the recipes themselves. Our food scientist, Noah, is awesome,” says Lorenzen, a single-unit owner. “I want to be able to answer the questions we have from customers and I don’t want to mislead them. They might ask what’s best for a hangover or what’s best for diabetes.

“I hit him up for nutritional info help in coming up with new product options when someone wants something customized. That’s probably the most invaluable help.”

Healthy and delicious

“I’ve lived and breathed food and health and nutrition my whole life,” says Burgess. But that doesn’t mean our customer base is comprised of only hardcore health junkies.

picture of green smoothies and vegetables
Juice It Up! started out positioned as a smoothie bar, but has expanded over the years to include raw juices, açaí and pitaya bowls, and other nutrient-dense products that have positioned them as a raw juice bar.

“There’s a level of health on our menu for everyone,” he says, “whether it’s the college kid who wants to substitute their burger with a refreshing fruit smoothie or the CrossFit junkie that really needs their protein smoothie or raw juice before or after they work out.”

When we first started out, we were much more known for our smoothies, and juicing was in its infancy. Over the last couple of decades, people have increasingly started paying attention to what they’re eating as the connection between poor nutrition and poor health has been validated by research over and over again. Our product lines have expanded to meet and anticipate consumer needs, and today we offer fresh squeezed, 100% raw juices, handcrafted fruit and vegetable smoothies, superfruit smoothies and bowls, and organic cold-pressed bottled juices, in addition to an assortment of boosts and protein enhancers, as well as wheatgrass and ginger shots, and a variety of grab-and-go snacks.

picture of an acai bowl
From the Amazonian rainforest, the purple-blue açaí berry packs a lot of nutrients in a small package, and also tastes great blended with other berries and juices in our Ultimate Berry Bowl.

We were the first to market the superfruit açaí and we were among the first to offer pitaya. These nutrient-dense fruits play an important role in our menu because they meet that important threshold of being both healthy and delicious. An Ultimate Açaí Bowl, packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber, won’t do anyone much good if it doesn’t taste great.

Our fusions, juices, smoothies and bowls are a great way to fuel workouts and busy days, and they can all be great meat-free meal replacements.

How we stand out

Infographic text: Smoothie Fix! 22% of consumers look to smoothies to satisfy hungerThere are other juice bar franchises that offer some of the same fruits and vegetables we do, obviously, but one of the differentiators for Juice It Up! is the sheer variety included in our menu, Burgess says.

Our diverse menu appeals to three distinct customer segments: Our bowls (superfruit and smoothie bowls) are a perfect intro to juicing and smoothies and make great meal replacements; juices are appreciated by the uber-healthy crowd; and smoothies overlap between those two segments, appealing to a group that falls somewhere in between. That helps us draw a more diverse customer base and help drive revenues for franchisees.

“Some juice bars just have that juice, and it’s only for that really uber-healthy, more affluent customer,” Burgess says. “We have juices that are for the affluent customer, but we also have other smoothies and bowls for that customer that can’t afford the $14 juice from the organic produce market. We appeal to a broad range of consumers at all different ages and all different demographics.”

You can view our full menu here.

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