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What is Juice It Up?

Our juice franchise is a California brand with a strong team, a simple business model and a long history of excellent operations

We are a trailblazing smoothie and juice bar franchise with nearly 100 locations, and we’ve been a leading West Coast brand for more than 20 years. The multibillion-dollar juice and smoothie industry is growing, and so is our juice and smoothie franchise. Guests love us for our fresh, hand-crafted raw juices, our bottled cold-pressed organic juices, our made-to-order smoothies, nutrient-rich bowls loaded with superfruits açaí and pitaya, and our innovative menu. Franchisees love working with us because our locations are simple to operate, have small fixed overhead costs, require a relatively small startup investment and help people live healthier lives.

Infographic text: Juicing Market Segments: 53% juices, 43% smoothies, 5% other products
“People today are eating healthier and living healthier lifestyles,” says CEO Chris Braun. “Juice It Up! is not only a true lifestyle brand, it’s a smart business opportunity in a growing industry. I give a lot of thought to how our organization works, not only internally but in how we interact with the franchisees. What I’ve tried to create here is what I call a franchisee-centric organization. We realize that they’re number one, and it’s important that we do everything we can to support them.”

Our motto is “Live Life Juiced,” and for us that applies to everything, from how we strive for the healthiest combinations of fruit, vegetables and proteins to serve our guests to the way we interact in our communities and how we plot out our growth strategy as a franchise company.

We have a menu of handcrafted fresh juices, cold-pressed organic bottled juices, fruit and veggie fusions, blended-to-order smoothies and nutrient-rich superfruit and smoothie bowls. We offer two kinds of protein boosts, and our Research and Development team works hard to create delicious blends of fruits, vegetables and proteins with maximum nutritional value. For anyone who strives to live a healthier lifestyle, owning a Juice It Up! franchise can help them share their lifestyle with others and help improve their community.

picture of a bowl and superfruit options
We offer our guests a choice between fresh-squeezed raw juices, fruit and veggie fusions, fresh-made smoothies and smoothie bowls.

Eating healthy is a challenge we all face, and people are paying more attention to what they put in their bodies. Juice It Up! has been providing fresh, healthy and convenient options to consumers since 1995. We were one of the first franchises to introduce the superfruit açaí as well as smoothie bowls. Innovation has always been an important part of our classic Southern California smoothie and juice franchise, and over 20 years later we continue to explore new options in healthy eating.

We currently have 100 units open or in development, and as we continue to expand we are looking for franchisees who are a great fit for the Juice It Up! family. Our simple business model requires no prior restaurant experience and our leadership team helps guide our franchisees through all aspects of running a successful business. We provide training, marketing and grand opening support, and we also offer ongoing support including monthly visits, labor and cost-of-goods consulting, and refresher training.

Why buy a Juice It Up! franchise now?

Image of a green juice smoothie
Juice It Up! is expanding to meet the growing demand for raw juices and smoothies.

The juice industry is growing every year as more and more people start taking control of their health and making conscious decisions about what they put into their bodies. There are certain fads that come and go in franchising, but the upward trajectory in juices and smoothies has every indication of permanence. For one thing, Juice It Up! has been around as a brand since 1995; we’re here to stay.

“Today is a good time to buy because you can set up a good financial model for your store now,” says CEO Chris Braun. “You can generate a better ROI (return on investment) today than you could have, say, seven years ago, when interest rates were high.”

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