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picture of Lisa Baker
Lisa Baker

“We were a Subway franchisee for quite a long time. We enjoyed that. It was a great product, a great brand. What’s a little different is that with Juice It Up!, it’s more hands-on in terms of having the fresh product, the fruits and the vegetables, and the customers are able to get involved in the process of you making it. It’s not so much an assembly line. They can pick what they want. They get to have fun in the store while they’re watching you make it, and at the end of the day, we give them a really fantastic, healthy product.”
— Lisa Baker, multi-unit franchisee


picture of Parvinder and Ravi Shahi
Parvinder and Ravi Shahi

“The automotive business that we owned prior to Juice It Up! was a business where it was very difficult to satisfy the customer. Most people, when they brought their cars in to be repaired, probably didn’t want to be there. With Juice It Up!, the customer walks in wanting to be there, and wanting to have an experience that they’ve learned to expect. They walk in happy and they leave happy. That makes me happy, that I’m providing a place where they can come in and feel happy and refreshed.”
— Parvinder Shahi, multi-unit franchisee


picture of amar patel
Amar Patel

“As long as the guest is happy, you have a successful store. I think I’ve seen that across the board with other franchisees. The ones that are consistently committed to making sure the guests walk out with a smile on their face, those are the ones that always seem to do very well, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”
— Amar Patel, single-unit franchisee

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