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Where Are We Growing?

Our California-based healthy food franchise brand is taking off

Map of U.S. where Juice It Up! is located and targeting. Current locations - California, Texas, New Mexico, Oregon. Targeted locations - Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma
When we first started out in 1990s Southern California, we were much more known for our smoothies, and juicing was in its infancy. Health-conscious Californians embraced the alternative to the greasy, empty calories of fast food, and our reputation as a healthy food franchise grew. As more and more consumers started paying attention to what they were putting in their bodies, the juice industry started to catch up — and our product line expanded.

Today, we offer a wide variety of made-to-order juices, smoothies and bowls, and our brand that was once known only in Southern California now has 100 locations open or in development in California, Oregon, New Mexico and Texas. As a lifestyle business in a booming industry, we stay focused on maintaining strong unit-level economics as we map out our growth strategy.

“The great thing about Juice It Up! is we have been an established, recognized and trusted brand for over 20 years,” says Milena Rimassa, Director of Marketing. “While we have a lot of experience behind us, we’re still passionate and hungry for growth and we’re still focused on dominating the markets we serve.”

Great for first-time buyers

Unlike many food franchises, you don’t need restaurant experience to own a Juice It Up! franchise. While experience is preferred, with our proven systems and ongoing support, you can be assured that you’ll get the guidance you need to feel comfortable running your own business, even if you’ve never done so before.

“I think Juice It Up! is a good franchise to grow with, because it’s a fully developed model,” says Chino, CA, franchisee Amar Patel. “There are a lot of other cool and trendy franchises that have popped up over the last several years, but after researching them and comparing it to my own experience here at Juice It Up!, I would say that they’re not fully explored and fully developed. By that I mean your labor costs, your food costs and even some of your administrative costs.”

Exterior picture of the ontario gateway location
Compared to some brands that have saturated the market, Juice It Up! has room to grow.

Healthy lifestyles, of course, aren’t just limited to California. We’ve grown all along the West Coast and expanded further east as well. Brooklynn Lorenzen operates a franchise in Hillsboro, OR, and is excited to see the brand taking off there.

“Every day we’re growing,” Lorenzen says. “We’re building a brand in this area from the ground up. It’s a little different than building in California, where they already have a brand presence. They’ve been able to help me individually with marketing materials, and we’re in a great location in a major shopping area where people do most of their shopping. It’s where we wanted to be.”

Want a Juice It Up! near you?

We have a number of premium territories available in the U.S., and we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the form on this page to discover more about the opportunity to build a Juice It Up! healthy food franchise in your area.