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5 reasons you don’t want a Juice It Up! Franchise

If you don’t believe in healthy living, owning your own business and controlling your own destiny, a Juice It Up! franchise probably isn’t for you.

Juice It Up! is a thriving smoothie, superfruit bowl and juice franchise in a growing industry, but we understand it’s not for everyone. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to invest in our franchise, we want you to truly understand the details of what’s involved.

It is super important to know what you want and what you don’t want when investing in a business or in making any significant life decision. Run through these next few points to figure out if a Juice It Up! franchise opportunity just isn’t for you. No hard feelings. Here’s a quick checklist to help in your decision-making.

Here are five viable reasons to NOT buy a Juice It Up! franchise:

1.You don’t want a feel-good business. Juice It Up! is an entrepreneurial opportunity and lifestyle brand rolled into one. The guests who come in are typically excited about doing something good for their bodies, their communities — and their families — while enjoying a delicious snack or meal. They love the convenience, they love having customizable options and they love that our smoothies, superfruit bowls and juices are made fresh to order. They’re really proud of themselves for choosing Juice It Up!, and that means a lot of smiling and interaction. If you’re not into that kind of thing, maybe a less interactive franchise option is for you.

A smiling man and woman working in aprons can be seen in the background behind a juice counter, where three different sized red juices in Juice It Up! branded cups are sitting on a lazy susan with a batch of paper-covered drinking straws in the center.

2. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is not your thing. Eating healthier, moving more and encouraging others to make choices that fuel their lifestyles and make them feel better? No thank you! That’s not for you at all. You believe only perfect people with impossibly perfect physiques are living that healthy life, and that just doesn’t jibe for you. You’re not that invested in living in a healthier community. Kids will figure it out on their own someday, and only a very narrow demographic is interested in making healthier lifestyle choices. It’s just a bunch of hot yoga fanatics, right? Healthier living is just a trend, right? People won’t be on this kick forever.

A photo of a blender full of fresh fruits and greens ready to be blended is on the left; a photo of a pink juice in cup with a Juice It Up! logo is on the right.

3. You prefer the job security of a corporate career. Really, 9 to 5 is the way to go. Corporations never lay people off, and besides, the economy is good now, right? So why would you give up all that structure to open you own business with a proven business model backed by 20+ years of success and experience? Job security is not an illusion, and your loyalty to your company will surely be rewarded when the economy inevitably turns down again. They might make some jobs redundant, but not yours. So there’s really no compelling reason to think about your future, your retirement and getting a business started Up! while the economy is in great shape.

A man on a tightrope stretched between two cliffs holds an umbrella over his head. Below him, four sharks are circling in a tumultuous sea.

4. You’d rather strike out on your own than pay franchising fees. Yes, Juice It Up! has low entry costs — lower than it would cost to open an independent juicery, and low enough that this is a business that scales easily. Honestly, you’re not that ambitious. Yes, we have an experienced leadership team that provides site location assistance, business coaching, marketing collateral and peer support whenever you need it. Yes, we provide training both in a classroom setting and in a store, but you’re not keen on seeking the wisdom and advice of others. And yes, we have the purchasing power and vendor relationships that come with partnering with a large franchise.

You can figure it out on your own, even if you’ve never owned a juice business before. And even though Juice It Up! has great brand recognition throughout California, especially in the southern part of the state, you can figure out your own branding strategy just fine, thank you. Surely, people will come.

A simple grey background with a white border inside reads, in chalky looking letters, “Plan Ahead,” but the “d” in “Ahead” is on the next line below the word because the person didn’t space out the letters properly.

5. You really don’t want to be your own boss. You’ve been working for someone else so long, you’re used to it. You don’t crave change, and you aren’t looking for the freedom that comes with making your own decisions and running the show. A lot of people whine about wanting to spend more time with family, having the flexibility to take their kids to soccer practice — but that’s the boss’ call. You work hard for your money, and you work hard to maintain your position with your company, so they get to dictate your hours. When you come in, when you leave, when you go to lunch, etc. They’re driving the business strategy, too, because after all, it’s their profitability on the line, not yours.

A young bearded man whose head is mostly not pictured is smiling and holding Up! a sign that reads, “Be Bold | Be Brave | Be You.”

If these reasons DON’T describe you…

Do any of these reasons resonate with you? If so, you probably really shouldn’t invest in a Juice It Up! franchise. But if you like what you’ve learned so far and you’d like to know more, please explore our research pages. To start a conversation, just fill out the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!