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5 ways Juice It Up! helps franchisees succeed

We’re one of the most successful juice bars because we position our franchisees to win

Starting a juice bar could be one of the most rewarding adventures of your life, but there’s a lot that goes into it, especially if you’ve never opened and operated your own business before. Would you have what it takes to be one of the most successful juice bars in your area? Would you know how to compete against the mom-and-pops as well as the big chains? Would you even know where to start?

Green juice in a Juice It Up! branded cup is pictured in the foreground held by a female hand, with a gold watch band and chain visible on the wrist. The out-of-focus backdrop is purple flowers and greenery.
Our Energizer, a blend of spinach, red grapes, ginger and pineapple, represents more than just a delicious, healthy drink for our guests. It also stands for 20 years of expertise, proven franchise systems and outstanding franchisee support.

At Juice It Up!, a beloved Southern California chain of juice and smoothie bars open since 1995, we eliminate all those exasperating questions from the outset. We understand what it takes to win, and we have perfected the art and science of building a juice and smoothie business and scaling up as big as you’d like to go. And the biggest part of our proven strategy is providing superior service and support to our franchisees.

“We currently have five operations managers that are on the support team that are available to the franchisee seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and work with franchisees on several different aspects of the business,” says Marcus Skinner, Director of Operations. “Whether it’s understanding a profit and loss statement (P&L) or getting involved with the local community, we’ve got somebody with them and for them in every area of their business.”

How we help you run a successful juice and smoothie bar

  1. Nutritional know-how. Noah Burgess doesn’t just think about nutrition while he’s on the job. Our resident Research & Development Scientist eats, sleeps and breathes this stuff. He grew up in Hawaii, where fresh produce literally grew in his backyard, so living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to him. He puts his passion and his knowledge into play every day at our headquarters in Southern California. He constantly innovates our menu while keeping classic best-sellers in the mix. Burgess knows the macronutrients down to the last gram, so if a franchisee is trying to find out what menu item best fits a guest’s goals as well as their flavor cravings, Burgess is just a phone call or an email away.
  2. Experienced mentors. You aren’t out there alone, just you and your juicer against the world. With Juice It Up!, you have the power of the entire franchising team as well as your fellow franchisees to fall back on. Whether you’re uncertain about an operational issue, don’t understand some aspect of your P&L or want to figure out how to best motivate your employees, you’ll have regular calls with Juice It Up!’s franchise support team and can text a fellow owner for advice anytime.
  3. Quarterly reports. One of the beautiful features of our franchise system is that we let you run your own business using our long-proven systems and processes, and we dive deep into the details to help you understand what it takes to succeed. Our quarterly feedback to individual franchise owners provides them with an honest, statistical assessment of where they are and where they need to be. “The quarterly feedback tells us where we stand in terms of our sales and how they should be trending,” says Rasna Arora, a Juice It Up! franchise owner in Santa Clarita, CA. “If there were a quarter where the number of people coming to my store had fallen, they’d help me find out the reasons why they did, and then they’d help me strategize ways to get the numbers back to where they needed to be.”
  4. Peer support. Our Franchise Advisory Council, a group of franchise owner representatives, meets quarterly with corporate staff to discuss upcoming plans for the company, provide input on best practices and more. Informally, franchisees talk all the time. With the Franchise Advisory Council, Juice It Up! makes sure franchise owners are heard.
  5. Marketing might. Juice It Up! guests aren’t the only ones flexing their muscles. When it comes to marketing, we have a lot of muscle in that department that goes a long way toward making us one of the most successful juice bars in the juice and smoothie segment. We provide marketing materials that you can utilize on your local social media feeds or work into a direct mail campaign. And our expertise can help you figure out how to build up your local audience while making the most of our national marketing campaigns.

Do these support tools help you succeed?

 A team of 16 employees, corporate staff and a franchise owner posing for a photo and smiling behind the counter of a store.
A successful juice bar does not achieve success by great juice alone. Juice It Up! has the support systems in place to make sure we do everything possible to help you achieve your goals as a franchise owner.

“We’re not a startup that’s just figuring things out or using our franchisees as guinea pigs,” says Skinner, “We’ve been around a long time, and we know what works. We help our franchisees become successful in the markets that they serve. We know what works well, and we convey that to our franchisees. We train them and provide them the support they need to be successful.”

Just ask Arora, whose unit is in Santa Clarita, CA.

“Corporate will sit in with you one-on-one and say, ‘Hey, this is where your P&L is. I think your store can do this much marketing as an investment. In return, you could have that much growth in this amount of time.’ Of course, you cannot have returns overnight, but once they strategize that plan with you, I think that helps you to achieve your goals.”

Join one of the most successful juice bars in franchising

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