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Ready to Franchise? Let Lisa and Undray Baker Show you the Ropes


Blend Lifestyle & Opportunity

An innovator in the raw juice and smoothie bar industry, Juice It Up! is serving up franchise opportunities across the country.

Super-franchisees Undray and Lisa Baker are your go-to examples on how to do franchising right in this sector. With franchising opportunities available through the United States, you too could be serving delicious handcrafted real fruit smoothies, fresh-squeezed raw juices, antioxidant-rich acai bowls and other healthy snacks to your community.

Lisa Baker at her Juice It Up! franchise Tuesday, October 18, 2016 in Beaumont, California.

With yoga and fitness bootcamps ranging from crossfit to spin and everything in between -- healthier living has become the norm rather than an exception reserved for big cities and the granola set. Establishing a Juice It Up! location in your community will help meet consumer demand for healthier foods and beverages that support an active lifestyle.

Since 1995, Juice It Up! has helped business owners and communities thrive, offering fast, yet delicious and nutritious foods while offering franchisees a true lifestyle business opportunity.

If your passion is health and you have the drive to thrive in our growing industry, let Undray and Lisa show you the ropes.

Scheduling an exploratory meeting with them is the first step toward a fruitful future with Juice It Up!

Unbeatable Fast Food Alternative Products

Juice It Up! only uses the freshest ingredients to provide the perfect customer experience -- from our signature raw juice blends, smoothies and nutritious bowls -- each product is made to order, directly in front of the customer to deliver an unmatched experience of sensory bliss.


Growing Demand for Healthier Choices

Juice It Up! invites you to take advantage of a multi-billion market opportunity with increased nationwide attention toward nutrition and wellness. Our products are in high demand from an enthusiastic customer base looking to better their lives through better choices.

Major Market Territories Ready to Blend

Our aggressive expansion pans coupled with an established base across the United States provides for a wealth of prime market territories. We encourage Area Development and Single Unit opportunities as well as non-traditional units.

Ingredients for a Fruitful Future

A Turnkey System

The Juice It Up! franchise system is a comprehensive set of resources, training, marketing support and tools derived from our experience, designed to help get your new business off the ground and operating at its greatest potential. We offer great tools, support and a family of exceptional franchise owners.

It's About You

The success of our brand is the direct result of talented, qualified candidates like you who are motivated by a passion for health and success.

A Recipe for Success

We Champion You

From architectural buildout, floors to fixtures and everything in between, our experienced management and support team offers insight and assistance into every facet of the business to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Juice Daily. Market Loudly.

Through a comprehensive set of marketing and brand tools, we help you share your passion for healthier living from the inside out.

Executing the Juice It Up! Vision

We've been in the trenches so we can help you optimize operations and profitability of your store. Our turnkey support and ongoing collaboration are available to you at all times. Our team makes monthly visits and ongoing training opportunities.

Connect with Undray and Lisa Baker to discuss franchise opportunities.

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At Juice It Up! we are passionate about all things smoothie, juice and bowls. Starting with our signature handcrafted real fruit smoothies, to our 100% free squeezed juices and juice blends, we offer a healthier lifestyle to our customers. Whetherjuicing for energy, health or to fuel your passions, we encourage everyone to . . .