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Juice It Up! vs. Freshii Franchise

Both franchises offer healthy options like smoothies and juices. But one of them is far more complex in terms of menu, inventory and operations.

Fresh, simple and simply effective as part of the Juice It Up! business model for over 20 years.

You know you’re ready to move in the direction of a healthy lifestyle franchise. The question now is, which one? Should you stick to the booming smoothie, juice and superfruit bowls segment? Or should you branch out? Do you want to try a relative newcomer to the scene, like Freshii franchise? Or would you prefer the stability of a longtime stable brand like Juice It Up!, which has been around for over two decades and never stops reinventing itself? Freshii is unquestionably a healthy lifestyle franchise, and they do have a selection of juices and smoothies, though they are very limited on the smoothie bowl offerings. They also have an expanded menu of burritos, rice bowls, salads with meats and cheese, soups, breakfast offerings and more. While the investment ranges are similar to those of Juice It Up!, the issue with the broad menu is that Freshii is much more comparable to a restaurant — and all the complexity of operations and inventory that comes with that. Juice It Up! may have fewer product offerings, however, the diversity of health and wellness goals the brand’s superfood smoothies, superfruit bowls and raw juices offer is staggering. From fitness, wellness, focus/energy and vegan options – Juice It Up! has something for everyone looking for improved wellness. For prospective franchisees looking strictly at numbers, we’ve done some of the homework for you.

Juice It Up! vs. Freshii franchise

 Juice It Up!Freshii
Franchising since19982008
Initial investment$227,400 to $399,185$170,000-$470,500
Net worth required$300,000$500,000
Liquidity required$100,000$250,000
Franchise fee$25,000$30,000

California brand with experience supporting franchisees

Since first opening in Irvine, CA, in 1995, Juice It Up! has steadily grown. Today, we have nearly 100 units nationwide, most of them in our core markets in California. We offer outstanding support to our franchisees, and our simple business model is easy to scale. Juice It Up! continues to maintain its reputation as a trailblazer. We were one of the first franchises in the juice and smoothie market and the first to bring the superfruit açaí to the U.S. We added raw juices before it was a thing, improved the nutritional density of our product offers with expanded use of superfoods and now – are the first franchise of our size to widely offer the acerola superfruit from Brazil in our products. We attract guests with our healthier, convenient and fully customizable menu of no-sugar added raw juices, superfood smoothies and superfruit bowls, keeping a core menu of classics while continuing to innovate with delicious, healthy concoctions that guests crave that meet specific health and wellness goals. Juice It Up! ensures our franchisees have protected trade areas without having to fight for business with another Juice It Up! franchise. We’ll never over-saturate the market with a store on every corner, because our culture is a collaborative one and we pride ourselves on supporting the growth of each individual franchise to the benefit of all stakeholders. And we can get you up and running very quickly. “From start to finish, between three and six months you can have your doors open and operating,” says Chris Braun, President & CEO.


3 reasons to open a Juice It Up! right now

The healthy lifestyles industry is booming. Juice, smoothie and bowl businesses are booming. As people grow ever more aware of the benefits of healthier lifestyles, consumers are increasingly seeking better-for-you meals and snacks, like our product line made with fresh fruits,vegetables and nutrient dense superfoods and superfruits. Research firm Technavio estimates the juice and smoothie industry is worth over $2 billion in the U.S. alone, and $9 billion worldwide. The market is predicted to continue growing as healthier eating becomes more habit than trend.

Juice It Up! makes a great addition to your investment portfolio if you already own healthy lifestyle businesses, such WaBa Grill or Orangetheory Fitness. It’s also a great way to balance out a portfolio of not-so-healthy franchises, like a cupcake franchise or a wings place.

Three hands are holding Juice It Up! branded clear plastic smoothie bowls topped with strawberries, blueberries, goji berries and granola.
It’s a happy business. As a Juice It Up! franchise owner, you’ll get to work every day in a happy business. You can share your passion for healthy living with everyone who comes to your store. Juice It Up! works with catering programs in schools to help introduce good nutrition to younger generations. We believe in the power of helping people live healthier lifestyles, and our franchise owners know they’re doing something good for their communities while they’re building a profitable business for themselves and their families. No restaurant experience required. We’re looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for sharing healthy lifestyles with others. You don’t have to have a perfect body or a perfect resume, as long as you have passion, drive and a willingness to learn. As a Juice It Up! franchisee, you’ll be able to turn to our experienced leadership team for training, marketing assistance, business consulting and more.

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If you’ve been seeking a healthy business like a Freshii franchise, we invite you to take a closer look instead at investing in a Juice It Up! franchise. Explore the brand offering through our research pages. To talk to someone on our Franchise Development Team, please fill out the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!