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Why Juice It Up! is the best juice bar and smoothie franchise opportunity for you

Being healthy is more than just a trend or a New Year’s Resolution. For some people, it’s a way of life. At Juice It Up!, those are our people. Not just the guests who’ve been enjoying our fresh-squeezed juices and handcrafted smoothies since 1995, but our franchisees as well.

“I loved the juices. They were amazing. Amazing. I was like, ‘Okay! This is it!’” says Rasna Arora, a franchisee who owns two locations in Southern California. “When I started reading about Juice It Up! and I went into one of the stores to try their product, it was actually different than our competitors.”

Picture of different smoothies
Juice It Up! is a leading juice and smoothie brand that is expanding its presence and seeking passionate franchisees.

Juice It Up! is great for people who want to get to know their community and support local organizations. There’s no restaurant experience required and you don’t need a great deal of startup capital, but we do require one thing: passion for healthy living. We’re perfect for owner-operators, empire builders, those new to the country looking for uniquely American business opportunities and families looking to build a legacy for their children.

picture of rasna arora
Franchisee Rasna Arora

When Arora and her husband were looking for a business to invest in, they considered two things: first, the numbers, because her husband is an accountant. Secondly, for Arora in particular, they wanted a brand that really resonated with them.

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