Meet Juice It Up! Franchisee: Jade Xu

February 5, 2024

Meet Juice it Up! Franchisee: Jade Xu

Buena Park, CA
Huntington Beach, CA
Tustin, CA
Riverside, CA
Cypress, CA

Jade Xu, a Juice It Up! Multi-Unit owner, took a few minutes to answer franchise candidates most frequently asked questions.

What did you do before you became a franchisee?

“I was a production manager in the Import industry.”

Why did you originally look at Juice It Up? 

“I’ve always had a passion for healthy living. and I love juicing in particular. Juice It Up! seems to be the right fit for me.”

What was it about Juice It Up! that caught your interest?

“I loved the products and the business seemed very easy to operate.”

Why did you invest in Juice It Up!?

“I wanted to do something I loved every day and have a more active lifestyle than sitting in front of the computer every day.  I figured, if I can make a living by doing what I am passionate about, it would be a very great idea.”

What were your greatest concerns before you became a franchisee?

“I didn’t have any concerns. I was excited. The previous owner let me work at the shop for a couple of hours for 2 days before I finalized the investment to make sure I was confident that I could make it work.” 

What have you learned since?

“Now I run multiple stores. I believe having a good location and good people are the keys to the success of my business.”

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same decision again?  

“Yes, I am still loving it. I am able to make a living and have a flexible schedule which is what I want.”  

How would you describe the value of the franchisor’s ongoing support?

“I highly value the franchisor’s ongoing support. Since I am a multi-store owner, for the turnaround stores I took over, I always received the help and time I needed to improve the business. I really appreciate it.”