Meet Juice It Up! Owner: John and Celina Garcia

April 3, 2024

Meet Juice It Up! Owner:  John and Celina Garcia

Location: Perris, CA

Franchisee Testimonial Interview Questions

What did you do before you became a franchisee?

I was an Operations Manager for Home Depot

Why did you originally look at Juice It Up!? 

I told my wife I’ve always wanted to open a business like Juice It Up!

What was it about Juice It Up! that caught your interest?

The quality of the menu items

Why did you invest in Juice It Up!?

The start up costs and profit margins aligned perfectly with what I was looking for. Moreover, upon meeting the Juice It Up! team, I was impressed by their genuine concern for the success of my business.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same decision again?  Why?

Yes! Overall, I am very happy with the support from the corporate team. We have been very happy with the outcome thus far.

How well did the franchisor’s initial training prepare you for success?

The franchisor’s initial training made me feel they went above and beyond, doing everything they could think of to ensure my success in every possible way.

How would you describe the value of the franchisor’s ongoing support?

The support has been great! More than being there to help us be successful; our primary support person is just as invested in our business as we are. He is always available when we need him. I am beyond grateful for his partnership and support.