October 11, 2021
Same Store Sales Are Up 35% in 2021

At Juice It Up!, we are proud of our tremendous year-over-year (YOY) same store sales (SSS) growth. As one of America’s leading smoothie, acai bowl, and juice bar chains, we are on a hot streak that shows no signs of slowing down. As Susan Taylor, president & CEO of Juice It Up!, put it: “We are extremely proud of our Q3 performance and encouraged to be headed toward the end of 2021 in top form with considerable brand momentum and more sales records in our sights.” This is not an exaggeration: We are currently trending toward finishing 2021 with the best sales year in the history of our 26-year-old franchise.

Our Q3 performance was nothing short of remarkable, and 2021 is on pace to be one for the record books. The numbers speak for themselves:

In Q3, our SSS increased 16.7% for 2021’s Q3 – it is up 35% on the year.

Our year-to-date (YTD) average unit volume (AUV) is up significantly up as well – with a quarter of our locations averaging more than $800,000 in annual sales and half averaging over $700,000.
By the year’s end, we fully expect total system sales to exceed $42 million.
As we continue to break new sales records, we remain committed to expanding our smoothing chain. Our current five-year goal is to double our unit count to 200 locations nationwide. This is exciting news for aspiring franchisees! We also just signed multiple franchise deals – with a significant focus on opening units in Arizona and Northern California (Sacramento, Contra Costa County).

Bouncing Back from The Pandemic Stronger Than Ever

In 2021, our franchise locations are outpacing pre-Covid numbers by 40%. This proves that we are not simply regaining pre-pandemic sales numbers but eclipsing our former same store sales altogether. The height of the pandemic was not an easy time, but with fortitude and teamwork we persevered and are emerging from this rough period stronger than ever. Recently, we reopened five temporarily closed college locations (closed in accordance with Covid-19 campus closures) in the UC and California State University systems.

Teamwork Is the Recipe for Success

When you join the Juice It Up! team, you will receive the upsides of entering a growing industry with a business model that is well-positioned to succeed. Prioritizing healthy eating options and fast-casual chains increasing in popularity, now is the perfect time to become a franchisee. As our CEO Susan Taylor recently stated, “Juice It Up!’s continued unprecedented sales growth is a true testament to our ever-increasing network of loyal and astute franchisees who are helping each day to author our brand story. The Juice It Up! family of franchise owners are not only savvy business people, but authentic ambassadors who abide by our motto to ‘Live Life Juiced!’ With wellness products in ultra-high demand, and white space throughout the western U.S. for proven healthy fast-casual concepts like Juice It Up!, there’s never been a better time to partner with our resurgent brand.”

Backed by robust leadership and franchise-wide momentum, we look forward to beating our own extraordinary earnings reports by:

  • Steadily increasing our number of loyalty members
  • Innovating our menu in terms of both flavor and functionality
  • Continuing to improve our digital sales numbers

Each of these areas has already undergone significant upgrades and gains over the past few years. In just two years, we’ve increased franchise-wide digital sales from just 2% in 2019 to almost 20% as of 2021 Q3 – thanks in large part to third-party delivery options, improvements in the online ordering system, and the launch of our user-friendly mobile app.

As an ambassador of superfruits and exotic flavor profiles, we’ve also continued to add new and exciting elements to our menu. Ever since adding Sambazon Açai to our menu 20 years ago, we’ve consistently introduced novel flavor profiles and superfruits absent from the menus of rivaling smoothie chains. In Q3, we released two brand-new summertime smoothies: Limeade Squeeze and Blueberry Limeade. Emphasizing the iconic taste of limeade with the benefits of immune-boosting vitamin C, these summer add-ons helped boost our Q3 sales 10% in the Classic Smoothie category.

Now Is the Time to Start a Juice Franchise

With ripe markets in California, Arizona, and the Western U.S., we are beyond bullish about our future! Just this year, QSR named Juice It Up! as one of the top fast-food brands to watch. As an established smoothie and juice bar franchise, we are primed for success. If you are a motivated and passionate individual looking for the opportunity to operate a franchise location with the highly reputed Juice It Up! brand, don’t hesitate! The demand for healthy food, causal fast-food chains is growing, and now is a great time to get a foothold in the industry.

For more information, give us a call at (949) 475-0146 or contact us online today!