Meet Juice It Up! Owner: John Davis

January 30, 2024

John Davis, a Juice It Up! Multi-Unit owner testimonial

Rialto, CA (2 stores)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Upland, CA
Fontana, CA

John Davis, a Juice It Up! Multi-Unit owner, took a few minutes to answer franchise candidates most frequently asked questions. 

What first attracted you to Juice It Up! as a franchise opportunity?

“I wanted a simple concept with low startup costs versus a high risk, high investment big box franchise.”

What was it about Juice It Up! that caught your interest?

“The easy operation and the great tasting smoothies!”

Why did you invest in Juice It Up!?

“The high probability of success, operations structure, and attractive margins at a fair price point.”

What were your greatest concerns before you became a franchisee?

“Start up costs and sales that I was not originally used to.”

What have you learned since? 

“I learned the Juice It Up! brand has a lot of heart and everyone that is part of the Juice It Up! family really cares about each other, and they believe in what we all are trying to do here which is build sales to be profitable.”

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same decision again?  

“Yes, I would because when I was looking to grow in other brands, they didn’t give me time or day but when I reached out to Juice It up! they welcomed me with open arms.”

How would you describe the value of the franchisor’s ongoing support? 

“They are loyal to the brand, and they truly believe in the franchise community. They want to make a difference and positively impact our businesses.”