October 18, 2021

Coming in at #25 on QSR Magazine’s list of fast-food brands to watch in 2021, Juice It Up! has been a formidable name in handcrafted smoothies for over 25 years. This distinction among some of the world’s most widely-known brands means that Juice It Up! exceeds sales goals and continuously innovates to create the ultimate customer experience.

A Legacy of Innovation and Creativity

Juice It Up! opened its doors in 1995 and has since built a reputation for using only the freshest ingredients to enhance wellness and promote healthy living. The company has consistently been a pioneer for introducing widely unfamiliar and exotic superfruits to its recipes. In fact, Juice It Up! was the first American acai bowl franchise brand to include Sambazon Açai on the menu in 2001. Over the last 26 years, the brand has continued to be a trail-blazer, creating opportunities for other similar companies to emulate.

QSR’s recognition means that Juice It Up! is among nationally and internationally known brands that have seen record sales numbers in 2020 and 2021. With an impressive$33 million in nationwide sales and average sales per unit at $459,000 in Q3, Juice It Up! has earned its spot on this prestigious list.

Customer Experience Improvements Means Overarching Success

The years of growing success Juice It Up! has experienced is a testament to a network of loyal and business-savvy smoothie franchise owners. Juice It Up! franchisees are more than just experienced entrepreneurs; they are genuine representatives of the brand who stand by its motto to ‘Live Life Juiced!’ This slogan is a rallying cry connecting current and potential juice bar franchise owners who genuinely believe in the brand’s vision and trajectory.

2020 was a year that showed both smoothie franchisees’ resiliency and fortitude, navigating the unchartered territory of the coronavirus pandemic. However, unlike other similar brands, Juice It Up! took this opportunity to show its consistency and convenience, including an updated mobile app with a “skip the line” feature and expansion with third-party delivery partners so customers could get their orders whenever and wherever they wanted.

As the juice franchise nears the end of 2021, the brand is on pace to reach more than $42 million in total systemwide sales, which is the best sales year the company has had in its entire 26-year history.

Looking Toward the Future

As the brand rounds out the year with several new franchise locations on the west coast, Juice It Up! is setting its sights on identifying new franchise partnerships. The company is always on the lookout for driven entrepreneurs ready to make their marks with a lucrative smoothie franchise in several open territories in California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and New Mexico. The goal for franchise owners with Juice It Up! has always been to maximize return on investment by innovating and modernizing the customer experience.

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